The principal activity of the rug show is the sale of rugs, jewelry, and crafts on behalf of the Elders. There are typically over 500 rugs at any show as well as a large selection of jewelry and other crafts. Some of this inventory has already been purchased by the Program while much of it has been brought to the show by the Elders and their families. All of the sales proceeds go directly to the Elders to help support them and their families through the winter months ahead.
A popular table at the show features rugs made from hand spun yarn. These rugs are becoming less common as the Elders age and can no longer tend their sheep and prepare the yarn in the traditional manner. Rugs made from commercial yarn are now more prevalent making these hand spun rugs highly desirable. Since they are mostly made by aging weavers, the rugs may not be perfect. We call them Heart Rugs - the hand and heart of the weaver can be felt in each rug.
Another goal of the show is to provide attendees with an opportunity to learn more about the purpose and activities of the Program. Our core activity is the delivery of food and other supplies to traditional Elders on the reservation. This table provides an opportunity for visitors to see what is contained in the various food and care packages we provide.
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